Huntsville officials update COVID-19 latest

Monday's Huntsville COVID-19 update

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville and Madison county leaders held a press briefing at noon on Monday.

The briefing will be hosted by Huntsville-Madison EMA Director Jeff Birdwell.

David Spillers of Huntsville Hospital gave an update of the hospital work load in the area.

“There are a total of 8 COVID-19 inpatients at Madison County hospitals.”

“We are managing the numbers very well right now and we are helping out neighbors where we can as well.”

“About 46% of the patients we are testing are asymptomatic.”

“The one area I worry about is testing supplies. We are doing fine right now but if we had a spike in a need for testing we might have an issue.”

Mayor Tommy Battle said his team is looking at 14-day numbers.

“We have seen 76 new cases over the last 14 days...if you remember 14 days ago is Memorial Day.”

“Our look is to have the situation manageable so we can get through this as we have in the past.”

“We are never going to stop your right to assemble, but please do so carefully and distance as you can.”

View the full briefing in the above video.

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