Sgt. Williams was ‘more than just a cop,’ close friend says

Sgt. Williams was ‘more than just a cop,’ close friend says
Moody officer shot and killed in like of duty (Source: wbrc)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - One call. One night. It was a fear that was always in the back of his mind, but it never stopped Sergeant Williams from believing that his job was his calling.

In his own words, he spent 23 years learning about people, and trying to help them.

"He was more than just a cop,” said Chris Fisher of Humanizing the Badge.

Williams was also a father, a husband, and a mentor.

He wrote this letter to a new officer.

“You are a protector. That’s why you chose this calling, right?"

”You love and want peace for everyone, and you will strive to provide that,” the letter read.

Sgt. William's letter to a new recruit
Sgt. William's letter to a new recruit (Source: wbrc)

"I knew him for fifteen years, it wasn't some abstract concept of my brother in blue, he was my brother,” said Fisher.

Williams wrote that he responded to a call for domestic violence two years ago, and took a teenager to dinner to talk instead of to jail.

That teen called him two weeks ago; he joined the Army.

"Help one person at a time,” the letter read.

"There was a park in Moody without a basketball goal and he used his social media connections to help them get a basketball goal, there's so many things that he did,” said Fisher.

Williams also wrote about the risk of being a police officer.

"I am keenly aware that no call is routine and evil lurks, watching and waiting for me to let my guard down,” he wrote five years ago.

"Have the heart of a servant, but the hands of a warrior,” that letter read.

"As a country, as a society, we are diminished by his murder,” said Fisher.

Sgt. Williams planned to meet that teen before bootcamp.

Now, he’ll never get the chance.

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