Huntsville police arrest 24 people during Wednesday night protest

Huntsville police arrest 24 people during Wednesday night protest

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - According to the Huntsville Police Department, 24 people were arrested after the protest in Big Spring Park on Wednesday.

Riot gas was deployed on the courthouse square after the Huntsville Police Department said protesters ignored 90 minutes of warnings to disperse.

At some point that night, 22-year-old Michaela Guzman was arrested for possession of a firearm at a demonstration, carrying a concealed weapon, and disorderly conduct.

We also know several arrests were made in Big Spring park as an ALEA helicopter circled overhead.

Sixteen other people were arrested late Wednesday night. Most of the suspects were arrested for disorderly conduct. One was arrested for failure to disperse.

All of these suspects are in their late 20s or early 30s.

“We picked those up about 30 minutes after the initial start they were in the park refusing to go, we had moved them around the time several times and finally got tired of chasing them. They were throwing things at us, throwing ice bottles at us, throwing rocks at us," said Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray.

McMurray said everyone arrested lives in Madison County, but said that Huntsville Police have intelligence showing about 50 people came in from out of state to instigate trouble.

“So, How do we know that they were from out of state, all you had to do is walk up down Clinton and Jefferson and Spring Street about 8 o’clock that night and count the car tags from out of state. Georgia, Virginia, and then by 10 that night they were all mysteriously gone," said McMurray.

McMurray said he believes the anarchists that came from out of town last night may be on their way to another city.

He said law enforcement also found destructive objects and anti-government symbols along city streets.

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