Large crowds of protestors could cause spike in COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus concerns at protests

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - While protests, and sometimes riots, across the country have captivated our attention during the last week, the coronavirus pandemic is still dangerous.

“There is going to be a risk of an outbreak, increased transmission, and a higher chance of infection," said Dr. Ali Hassoun, an infectious disease specialist at Huntsville Hospital. "Definitely as there are bigger crowds they are going to need to do that.”

Hassoun said we are already seeing a spike as a result of reopening the state a few weeks ago.

He said he understands why people want to go protest and why they feel they need to, but he wants people to remember COVID-19 is still very prevalent.

He said people need to try and where a mask and social distance.

“So a mask might help a little but the physical distance is the most important," Houssan said.

He also said for people feeling sick, they need to stay home.

“When they protest they’re talking about saving lives, protecting their freedoms and doing all that," he said. "They need to think about the same way. If they are sick and they are going to expose somebody they are going to make them sick. So the idea of staying home will be the same, we’ll be saving lives by doing that.”

Jerry Burnet, president of the Madison County NAACP, said they are encouraging people to wear masks at the rally Wednesday night.

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