Cities across Central Ala. set curfews while others continue weighing the option

Protests turn to unrest, vandalism in downtown Birmingham
Protests turn to unrest, vandalism in downtown Birmingham
Updated: Jun. 3, 2020 at 6:23 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A number of cities in central Alabama are instituting curfews for citizens or weighing options to see if they will.

It follows destructive demonstrations in Birmingham on Sunday night and Birmingham’s Mayor implementing a city-wide curfew Monday.

By Tuesday afternoon Jefferson County Commissioners approved a curfew for unincorporated areas.

“It’s proactive measure that included intel,” said Jimmie Stephens, County Commission President. “The city of Trussville had a break-in and looting at Academy Sports. City of Pleasant Grove had some breaking and entering at a gun store.”

Places like Homewood also set restrictions with city leaders saying its because of location and information they’re reviewing on social media.

“As far as I understand that have been specific to several jurisdictions, ours included, and yes that does raise concern,” said Peter Wright, City Council President.

Other cities like Vestavia Hills says its monitoring for credible threats against safety before they take action.

“Local, federal and state are all involved in this situation. I know that our police department has had conversations with the FBI,” said Mayor Ashley Curry.

Mayor Curry says his previous experience in law enforcement make safety a top concern for his citizens and city leaders and Vestavia Hills Police will implement a curfew if they see a public safety threat. The mayor says he is also working to balance safety and allowing businesses to maintain operations that had been impacted by COVID shutdowns.

Some districts outside the Birmingham area are also looking at curfews. In Shelby County, Alabaster City Leaders enacted a curfew Tuesday afternoon and Helena city leaders voted to give the mayor the ability to enact a curfew if and when deemed necessary.

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