Mayor Battle’s statement in response to protests

Mayor Battle’s response to protests

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle was at the protest Monday at Big Spring Park, calling for peace as another group of people gather to remember George Floyd and call for change.

The mayor was extremely pleased with how this weekend's protest went near the courthouse and complimented those who attended. He shared this statement with 48 News.

“The events in Minnesota have shaken people around the country to the core, including many of our residents in Huntsville. We share the outrage at the senseless death of George Floyd. What we witnessed in that horrible video should never occur. We pray for healing and justice.

As the country rises in protest, there are those in Huntsville who have chosen to demonstrate their hurt and frustration with calls for reform and justice. I want to compliment the heartfelt spirit of the organizers of a peaceful protest here on Saturday afternoon.

There are more gatherings planned this week, and the City and Huntsville Police will be there with you to support these respectful assemblies.

In Huntsville, we work hard each day to make sure our residents can feel safe, are valued, and have the opportunity to live a full and meaningful life. We are a community that will not tolerate injustice of any kind in any form.

Let us remain united in our desire to make Huntsville the shining example of a community with respect for all.”

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