What is next for Brindlee Mountain Primary School?

The future of Brindlee Mountain Primary

UNION GROVE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s been a tough year for staff, students and parents at Brindlee Mountain Primary School after a tornado destroyed it earlier this year. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, school officials are one step closer to rebuilding.

Anna Ray’s son is a student at Brindlee Mountain Primary School.

"Definitely been challenging getting the kids in a new routine and you know learning new things and of course they miss their friends and their teachers and the social interactions."

On January 11, a tornado destroyed the school. Students and staff were then forced to move to the old Brindlee Mountain Middle School for six weeks before they had to shift to online learning due to COVID-19.

School leaders have a few options in mind on the rebuilding process.

“The first plan involved building back the lunchrooms and classrooms and certainly a lunch room and then the second plan was including classrooms on that campus.”

A third option includes moving the school to the high school campus permanently, which Ray says she is in favor of.

"Because I already have two at the high school and it will make pick up and drop off a little more easier. I did have some concerns though about the little kids being with the big kids."

Superintendent Cindy Wigley says her message to parents is they will put safety first for all students.

"I just want to say that this is a very important decision that we make will impact all students from many years to come so we must get it right."

The school district is expected to receive $5 million in insurance from the state.

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