Huntsville Police investigating after woman is pulled over; multiple officers point guns at her

Police address traffic stop video

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A video is circulating online showing a woman pulled over by Huntsville Police.

In the video, recorded by the woman’s daughter, it shows the woman is out of her car, with her hands up, and police have their weapons drawn and pointed towards her.

A spokesperson for the Huntsville Police Department said 36-year-old Mathilda Gordon was following another vehicle too closely on Drake Avenue. The spokesperson said the woman drove almost three miles before she pulled over for police.

The is the video from Wednesday. Police said they tried to stop the Jeep Gordon was driving on Drake Avenue but she didn't pull over.

She eventually pulled over and stopped at the Clinton Avenue exit. Police said the officer waited for backup before approaching her vehicle. Then multiple officers arrived to help. A spokesperson said the officers were trying to understand why the woman didn’t stop.

"The vehicle was a Jeep Cherokee style vehicle with dark tinted windows in which you cannot easily identify any characteristics of occupants if you’re outside the vehicle looking in,” said Lieutenant Michael Johnson with the Huntsville Police Department.

This Facebook video was sent to us by multiple people and police have seen it as well. On her post which was public, Gordon said she has no reason to run from the law and she could not safely exit the parkway due to traffic. Gordon was arrested for Fleeing and Eluding police.

We are told the department is still working on an administrative review of the incident at this time.

Those officers in the video are currently not on any type of leave. As for Gordon, a background check shows no prior history with police.

We attempted to reach Gordon thru Facebook for a comment, and we also called several numbers trying to get a hold of her. We haven’t heard back from her yet.

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