Alabama leaders express frustration over death of George Floyd

Updated: May. 29, 2020 at 3:42 PM CDT
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OXFORD, Ala. (WBRC) - Jefferson County District Attorneys, law enforcement officials and community activists are expressing outrage and disappointment at the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis officers.

“There’s no justification for what I saw. The man was under arrest. He was cuffed. There’s not reason to continue," said Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge.

Floyd died while being detained by Minneapolis police after they responded to a report of a fraudulent transaction at a store. The video of his arrest shows Floyd handcuffed and an officer pinning him down by his neck as he calls out to those around he can’t breathe.

Partridge, who is also the President of the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police, says the tactic used to restrain Floyd is not something officers are taught and feels law enforcement should share the community’s outrage in Floyd’s death.

“Every supervisor, every administrator of every department across this country needs to stand up and say we will not tolerate this type of activity and when we do see this type of activity you will not work in law enforcement and you will be prosecuted," said Chief Partridge.

He posted this message on his Facebook page further explaining his frustration:

"This is not a police officer. This is not American law enforcement. This is someone who has no integrity, honor, emotion, or respect.

These four people have stained every professional law enforcement officer who swore an oath to protect and defend the communities they serve.

It is up to every officer, supervisor, and administrator to stand against this type of abuse of power. Each of these four officers will be prosecuted, as they should.

As a police officer, I do not see color; I see human beings with thoughts, feelings and I will be the first to stand and say enough is enough to this type of rogue behavior by anyone.

To see this type of brutality makes me sick and disgusted. But, I know justice will prevail in this case. We just need to allow the system to work.

While Americans have the right to peacefully assemble and protest, they do not have the right to riot, loot and destroy innocent people’s property.

Please know that 99.9% of American law enforcement officers do the job flawlessly every day and risk their lives doing so. We work extremely hard to make inroads into the community and build strong relationships."

Jefferson District Attorney’s Danny Carr (Birmingham Division) and Lynneice Washington (Bessemer Division) released the following statement, urging those impacted by Floyd’s death to use their voices for the betterment of the community:

Statement on death of George Floyd from District Attorneys of Jefferson County.
Statement on death of George Floyd from District Attorneys of Jefferson County.(District Attorneys of Jefferson County.)

The officers in Minneapolis involved in the arrest have been fired and there is a internal, state, and FBI investigation into the incident.

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