Department of Labor still swamped with calls

Some say they're still waiting for answers

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’ve taken a ton of emails and calls from people in the same boat - people who say they are unable to get answers and not sure where they go next.

The Department of Labor is receiving more than 5,000 calls a day on average following mass layoffs during the pandemic.

One of those callers is a Birmingham resident who learned she lost her job in early April.

Like many others, she needs to connect with the department to ensure she meets qualifications to receive benefits following job loss.

She says she was even once on the phone for nine hours, with no luck.

"On the website, it stated if you don’t reach us in four days, your claim is denied, but I can’t reach anyone, I have emailed different people in the Department of Labor, people I did not know, just individuals that work there I emailed they have an inquiry web address, I sent certified mail, I faxed over and I have not heard anything,” said Calvanita Ervin, a Birmingham resident.

We reached out to the Department of Labor and haven’t heard anything back either, but we will keep trying.

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