Killen residents want to know who’s responsible for fixing badly damaged road

Killen residents want to know who’s responsible for fixing badly damaged road

KILLEN, Ala. (WAFF) - Many of you likely use the public boat dock at Lock 6 in Killen. If you’ve driven that stretch lately, you know it’s rutted with pot holes.

Homeowners there say they’ve been asking for years to have the stretch of road resurfaced. The problem is they say they can’t find a road department responsible for making the repairs.

Take a drive down Turtle Landing Road in Killen and you’ll find pot hole after pot hole, busted asphalt, and pavement worn down to the dirt.

There’s a lot of traffic on this narrow road with vehicles and boats going in and out of the marina.

Homeowners who live at Turtle Landing next to the public boat dock owned by TVA say they’ve been asking for help for years to get the road paved in front of their homes, but their request hasn’t gotten off the ground.

The group has documented every phone call made and email sent trying to get answers.

Brad Tank lives in one of the homes.

“Drive out here. see what’s going on. It is getting worse and worse," he said.

A map from the Lauderdale County tax website shows the access road leading to the homes is on private property.

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division suggested that the residents of Turtle Landing set up a homeowners association or some type of agreement in the group to pay for the road maintenance.

We were able to track down some information. We know the road isn’t the responsibility of the town of Killen or Lauderdale County Commission.

The town of Killen has an agreement with TVA to cut the grass and remove trash. However, because it’s not in the city limits and Killen receives no tax revenue, we’re told it would be a misuse of tax dollars for the town to repave the road.

The town of Killen says trucks damaged the road hauling construction materials to build the homes on the waterfront.

Once the construction is complete, they say TVA is then responsible for repaving the road.

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