Street artist offers inspiration during COVID pandemic

Street artist offers inspiration during COVID pandemic

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - One of the best parts about working in news is meeting new and interesting people. We want to share the story of one aspiring artist using a colorful pallet to express his artistic side.

“This right here is the scene from Rosie’s,” said Deidrick Weaver.

A simple sketch in a notebook is a work of art to Deidrick Weaver. He sets up his easel on the sidewalk in downtown Florence - focused on the restaurant across the street.

“Color I love color.”

Weaver’s pallet is simple but bright and bold.

“Cadmium yellow.”

He starts with a clean brush...then mixes the paint to the perfect shade.

Adding light - and life - in the details.

“The setting and the scene and the colors is what attracted me here. It’s part of my inspiration,” said Weaver.

Painting is a passion Weaver has been dabbling in most of his life. It’s not his full-time job but he would like for it to be. He says putting color to canvas is his creative expression.

“The passion is the flame that ignites me to action.”

Weaver started with a blank canvas, first using his paint brush to make the outlines. Then filling in the background, adding all the little touches to bring Rosie’s Mexican Cantina to life. For Weaver, painting is more than just a hobby. It’s been his therapy during the COVID pandemic. He says the downtime the past two months has given him clarity - and a chance to focus on what he loves - turning his passion for painting into portraits of peace.

“It’s a way for me to pull away. Like I said to meditate on things. Think on things,” said Weaver.

Therapy - with every brush stroke. Weaver encourages all of us to give painting a try. He says you never know -it could be a talent you never new existed.

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