Marshall Medical Centers see decrease in COVID-19 patients

Marshall Medical Centers see decrease in COVID-19 patients

BOAZ, Ala. (WAFF) - Marshall County is leading the region in confirmed COVID-19 cases, but the good news is those cases are not currently translating to high numbers of inpatients.

Hospitals in Guntersville and Boaz are reporting smaller than expected numbers of those requiring hospitalization.

“Which I think is a blessing, you know with the large number of positive tests we have you would expect to have more patients in the hospital and we don’t. Today, we currently have two and that’s between Marshall North and South," said chief nursing officer Kathy Woodruff .

Woodfruff said as an added safety measure, respiratory and non-respiratory patients are separated in the hospital. All patients who enter will also be screened.

While patient numbers are low, Wooddruff said nurses have been testing more patients showing symptoms.

“The people that come to the hospital are sick, they have the signs and symptoms, so they get scared and they’re having a hard time breathing, but we don’t really see the asymptomatic patients," said Woodruff.

Woodruff said both hospitals have plenty of tests and personal protection equipment to serve patients.

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