Residents react to VBC being closed during pandemic

Residents react to VBC being closed during pandemic

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Karen Leatherberry and her husband have lived in Huntsville for the past 10 months.

They say The Von Braun Center was one of the many attractions that brought them to the area, but due to Covid-19, they haven’t been able to attend events.

“We are big concert-goers. We are big event people‚ so it’s been different for us to not have the choice to go, but again we can we go for walks. We love walking around the parking feeding the ducks.”

Big Spring Park has been an outlet for Lille Cooper as well. She says although she misses the events at the VBC, she is concerned about the financial impact that will have.

“I couldn’t imagine how much money they have lost because it’s such a big social arena. I mean they have everything from roller derby and hockey games to monster truck rallies, so I know it has to affect people.”

With the new safer at home mandate, both Karen and Lillie say they are happy to see other businesses re-open while they adjust to a little bit of normalcy.

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