Trav-Ad Signs making sneeze guards and COVID-related signage

Trav-Ad Signs making COVID-19 signage

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s no doubt the pandemic has affected businesses nationwide, and Trav-Ad Signs in Huntsville is no exception.

The custom sign and visual communications company saw a loss in revenue when construction projects started to slow down and clients were forced to cut back on expenses.

“We saw a decline in business," says Vice President Sandi Singletary. "We had several orders cancelled and postponed indefinitely.”

That’s when the company came together to come up with new ways of generating business. Their solution – making sneeze guards to be installed at store checkout lines.

“We started seeing them at some of the larger stores – drug stores and grocery stores," says Singletary. "We sat down as a group and said, ‘Hey, this is something we can do.’”

Trav-Ad makes sneeze guards, social distancing signs

That lead to even more projects, like social distancing signs and even custom floor decals.

“We were seeing people with tape on the floor, and of course as sign people, that doesn’t work," Singletary laughs. "So, we laid out a few simple designs and even went further with doing custom logos and things on the floor for our customers.”

Now, not only is Trav-Ad generating more revenue, but they’re also working to spread an important message.

“We are a society where people like to get close and hug and touch and shake hands, and I’m definitely one of those people," says Singletary. "So, just having the graphics on the floor and even seeing the sneeze guards helps remind people that for now, we need to keep our distance.”

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