Decatur Police Department offers security camera registration

Decatur Police Department offers security camera registration
Decatur Police Department (Source: WAFF)

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Have a surveillance security camera system at your home?

Want to help the Decatur Police Department fight crime in your neighborhood? You can now register your home’s security surveillance camera system to assist the DPD in tracking and arresting suspects.

The police department released a statement Friday morning with the details of the camera registration program:

Why is it important to have a camera registry?

When a crime occurs in your neighborhood, detectives and investigators will already be equipped with a list of available security surveillance cameras that may have potential footage of suspects. Currently, officers visit house-to-house to locate cameras that might have video evidence. Having a camera list and owner contact information means less time spent trying to find footage and more time dedicated to capturing criminals and stopping crime.

How does this registration work?

Registering your surveillance system is free, simple, and easy. Just visit the DPD’s surveillance camera registry website and enter your information. Your camera information and personal details will never be shared. Your cameras cannot be accessed remotely or without your explicit permission.

Does this mean officers are always watching my home?

Absolutely not. Your privacy is just that – your privacy. We will never access your camera without your explicit permission. The DPD will only have access to the information you provide on the website when registering.

Can I change my mind on footage access?

Sure. If you relocate, change systems, or just want to remove your cameras, you can unsubscribe from the DPD surveillance registry at any time.

More Information

We are always here to answer any questions! If you’d like to speak with someone about registering your surveillance devices, please contact Lieutenant Scott Strickland at (256) 341-4671. If prompted, please leave a message with your preferred means of contact.

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