Local burger joint not burdened by meat shortage

Local burger joint not burdened by meat shortage

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - You might know the feeling these days.... You’re thinking homemade burgers for dinner and head to the store, only to find no hamburger meat on the shelves.

The current meat shortage amid the coronavirus pandemic has affected consumers nationwide, businesses included.

However, for restaurants like Farm Burger in Huntsville that rely on local ingredients, the impact has been minimal.

“We have a farm that we get ours through - Tennessee Grass Fed,” says Tara Ledwell, Farm Burger’s general manager. “There’s not a shortage whatsoever.”

The national cutback is mainly a result of major production companies like Tyson and Smithfield Foods having to shutdown plants due to coronavirus outbreaks. With workers in such close proximity on the production line, it’s not safe for operations to continue as usual.

That’s why some restaurants using a more direct farm-to-table method haven’t taken as big of a hit, one of the many benefits of being local.

“Everything is made in house,” says Ledwell. “It’s not store-packaged... Every bit of our beef, chicken, everything is grass-fed. So, it’s overall good for you, and it’s quality.”

Currently, Farm Burger only has its patio available to customers. Management is still waiting on more restrictions to lift before reopening the full space.

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