Increase of cases may not be linked to lifted restrictions

Increase of cases may not be linked to lifted restrictions

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - New cases of coronavirus are not necessarily tied to the safer-at-home order. It could take weeks for someone who contracts COVID-19 to start experiencing symptoms.

“We have seen cases go up in the last three or four days but that is not a direct result of the safer at home order,” said Dr. Suzanne Judd. She is an epidemiologist and professor at UAB’s School of Public Health, leading the Lister Hill Center for Health Policy.

She said it will be another week or two before we see the impacts of the first round of the safer-at-home order, which reopened retail stores. She said it could possibly be a month before COVID-19 case data could be linked to restaurants and salons reopening. “One of the things we need to test is which measures work the best and the only way we can test them is by turning them off and on. So, this is a way for us to figure out how do we contain the virus, what are the best ways we can protect the public and this will help us understand that.”

The current uptick in cases is because there's been an increase in testing. “But it's also because the cases are still circulating. We haven't yet seen the big decrease in Alabama indicating we've got the whole outbreak under control.”

Judd said we are still in the first wave of the virus, on the plateau of the peak, and she is closely watching which direction the safer at home order takes us. “It will be about two weeks before we see the full impact of the number of cases.”

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