Honoring those who care in your community

Honoring those who care in your community
Those Who Care (Source: WAFF)

Many people in our communities go above and beyond every single day. WAFF wants to honor examples of this in the Tennessee Valley.

Segments highlighting ‘Those Who Care’ have been included in our news casts since the pandemic started saying thanks to medical workers.

The ‘Highest Honors’ special report featured examples of mask making, celebratory parades, wedding changes, and much more to say thanks for the good works in our communities.

WAFF wants to continue to honor those who care...


Do you know a hero in your community?

Someone going that extra mile?

A business giving back to help?

Submit a photo or short video about them and let WAFF why they care about your community.

Using the form below, submit a story about your local heroes giving back during the pandemic.

Submissions may also be sent to News@waff.com.

Please include the video, photo, and description in e-mail submissions as well if possible.

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‘THOSE WHO CARE’ segments

The segment below and others similar air in various newscasts across our scheduled programming.

Those Who Care: Christina Brunhoeber, Huntsville Hospital


Many have reached out with the heroes working in their communities. Read about those your neighbors told us about below.

Mrs. Deborah Watson

Mrs. Deborah Watson of Hampton Cove Elementary
Mrs. Deborah Watson of Hampton Cove Elementary (Source: WAFF)

Mrs. Watson is a second grade teacher at Hampton Cove Elementary. She was nominated by one her student’s parents that appreciates her hard work every single day. From the submission:

“I believe she goes well above what is required for her students. She hosts daily zoom classes that last sometimes over an hour that all her students look forward to. I love to listen in on the zoom call because all the kids are so cute to hear and her responses back to them are so perfect. Her students love her and hate that they won’t be able to finish the year in the classroom.”

“She should be nominated because she makes part of her students’ day during this scary and unreal time feel slightly normal by going over the day’s lessons and asking each of them about their day, or their pet, or making themed days. She brings joy and should be rejoiced for the work and effort she does for her kids.”

Thanks for your hard work and amazing attitude, Mrs. Deborah Watson of Hampton Cove Elementary.

Jessica Ann Nunno

Jessica Ann Nunno
Jessica Ann Nunno (Source: WAFF)

Jessica Nunno is a local artist and teacher in Huntsville. She has created a free art club for teenagers in the Tennessee Valley called “The Junior Illustrator’s Guild."

Jessica wanted to create a way to connect with various types of art students across the area. To following social distancing guidelines, the club meets on Zoom. Now young, growing artists can meet on a weekly basis to learn and interact with mentors and peers throughout the pandemic.

Any teenager between the ages of 11 and 18 may join the JIG Art Club. It is required that a parent consent for teens to join. The Junior Illustrator’s Guild is an all inclusive club and is respectful of all religions/spiritual practices, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, economic background, disabilities and mental illnesses. For more information, visit the art club’s web site.

Thanks for your passion, creativity, and hard work Jessica Ann Nunno!

Kasey Jennings

Kasey Jennings
Kasey Jennings (Source: WAFF)

Kasey Jennings is a nurse at Huntsville Hospital and a Mom to a 6-year-old son. Any medical professional that has been serving during the COVID-19 pandemic knows it has been hard to work and at the same time keep family members safe from the virus.

On March 13, Kasey sat down with her son and let him know “she had to go take care of the sick people." Since then, Kasey has been spending most of her time away from the house to help keep him safe.

Kasey and her son have had several “distance visits” including talking through the window at the house and sitting in the backyard six feet apart eating popsicles.

Thank you for your sacrifice to help keep our community safe Kasey Jennings!

Brianne Beane

Brianne Beane
Brianne Beane (Source: WAFF)

Brianne Beane lives and works as a medical professional in Athens. When the pandemic started, Brianne decided she wanted to go where her services would be needed most.

She left her home and took a staff job at Yale Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are about 300 COVID patients here and about 100 are on the ventilator in the ICUs which is where I am assigned.”

Brianne plans to work at Yale Hospital until September.

Thank you for showing those in need that Tennessee Valley residents step up when things get tough Brianne Beane!

Dr. Jimmy Gardiner

Dr. Jimmy Gardiner
Dr. Jimmy Gardiner (Source: WAFF)

Dr. Jimmy Gardiner works at Singing River Dentistry in the Shoals area. Throughout the pandemic, his practice has remained open for emergency dental care and he is always there when his patients need him the most.

If patients are ever hurting, Dr. Gardiner will meet them outside of office hours to get them relief.

Not only is Dr. Gardiner doing all of this, but also he is delivering free lunches to essential workers in his area on Fridays.

Thanks for always being their for your community and going above and beyond, Dr. Jimmy Gardiner!

Want to honor and say thank you to someone in your community? Submit a photo or video and a story about that hero here.

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