Alabamians preparing to say ‘I do’ during COVID-19 pandemic

Alabamians preparing to say ‘I do’ during COVID-19 pandemic

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Many couples had to make the difficult decision to cancel their spring and summer weddings due to COVID-19.

“When you are planning a wedding you get so much input from all these different people,” said Lakyn Martin. What she couldn't have planned for -- the novel coronavirus would spread across the globe, bringing almost every aspect of wedding planning to a halt. “I was in denial. I was like no, it's going to get better.”

Martin and fiancé Derek Newcomb were a few weeks away from the wedding they always wanted. The dress, flowers, and venue were ready to go. Together, the couple was looking forward to a picture-perfect day in Huntsville. But the global pandemic left them with the tough decision to postpone everything they’ve worked so hard on over the last year and a half. “We would never want to put anyone at risk or make anyone feel like they have to choose between their health and attending our wedding.”

Martin started to contact her vendors with the change of plans. Their ceremony and reception would now take place in their back yard at the end of August for an intimate celebration. “A lot of people have been really amazing about that. A few of them have been like ‘hey, we completely understand we will give you a full refund this is completely out of nowhere.’ No one could have ever expected this. There is nothing in a contract about a global pandemic,” said Martin.

The future Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb refused to let the virus stop them from celebrating their big day. “The important things weren't going to change. At the end of the day I am still going to marry Derek. We are still going to have an amazing life together.”

Though original plans were disrupted, Martin wanted some things to remain traditional. “I wanted my dad to walk me down the aisle, I wanted our immediate family to be there.”

While others, she was willing to live without. “The huge venue space that was great for 150 people but not 45.”

Martin and Newcomb could never have imagined wedding planning during a pandemic, but said it brought them closer and even more excited to say I-do. “I think our grand kids are going to probably ask us all kinds of questions about this time in our life. We get to tell them it was crazy, but we got through it and had a beautiful wedding at the end of the day.”

Martin and Newcomb will tie the knot on Aug. 29.

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