New garden will help feed children at Huntsville foster home

Gardening at Harris Home for Children

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A sustainable garden will soon help feed children at a north Alabama foster home.

Harris Home for Children recently purchased a new property on North Memorial Parkway to help house more children.

Thanks to a donation from Trevor Cole and his business, Across the Pond, the home now has a garden.

On Thursday, the kids learned how to create and plant a sustainable vegetable garden. They planted seeds donated by the Community Action Partnership.

“We’re very grateful. This will be a therapeutic place for them. This garden is going to add to that," said Reggie McKenzie, executive director of Harris Home for Children.

“I’m thankful for his expertise. The boys are learning things, as are we. I know there are going to be some wonderful vegetables grown here in just a couple months,” said the home’s vice president, Jonathan Hornsby.

The new home still needs a few more donations to be move-in ready.

Click here for a list of their current needs.

“I didn’t get to my stage in life without the help of others. So it’s giving back and taking care of your community. And there’s no more important time than now with the mess we’re in with COVID. And we’ve got to look out for community, take after community, circle the wagons, and do this together,” said Cole. "The real motivation for me is to see these youngsters get involved, get their hands dirty, get outside and enjoy the weather.'

Cole says he hopes the kids will take interest in gardening and learning how to grow their own vegetables from the ground.

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