Morgan County deputies deliver hundreds of meals to seniors

Morgan County deputies deliver hundreds of meals to seniors

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Morgan County deputies there have spent the past two months delivering food to people in need.

On Wednesday, they teamed up with senior centers to deliver more than 500 meals across Morgan County.

Since COVID-19 has spread across Alabama the last several months, those centers are closed. Seniors across the Valley rely on those centers for food, social interaction and much more.

However, Morgan County deputies have been working around the clock to make sure local seniors are fed.

“It helps out a lot, it surely does,” said Hartselle resident Donald Waddell.

Waddell is one of the dozens of seniors who got a month’s worth of meals.

“It helps out a whole lot and I just want to thank the deputies for how much they help out. putting their lives on the line and they really help out a lot," he said,

As for the seniors who got the meals, grateful is an understatement.

“I cannot drive very well anymore, and it might save my life and some other person’s,” said Mary Joe Foote.

Foote, who lives in Hartselle, says she appreciates the deputies bringing her and others food.

“They just show that they care and we got to have somebody, and if we can’t have them then where are we?” she said.

Most seniors rely on the centers in the county for food, and while they're closed, deputies are working to fill that gap.

Meals delivered Wednesday will last a month for these seniors, hopefully until centers can open back up again.

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