ADOL spends more than $500M in unemployment payouts, but some Alabamians still waiting

ADOL spends more than $500M in unemployment payouts, but some Alabamians still waiting

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - More than 400,000 Alabamians have filed unemployment claims during the past six weeks. The State Department of Labor has paid more than half a billion dollars in unemployment benefits related to COVID-19, but roughly 16 percent of people who filed claims, are still waiting on a payout.

Doris Holland lost her job in April due to the coronavirus. It's been four weeks since she filed for unemployment. She is expecting $275 a week but so far, no luck.

She is living off the little savings she has. Holland said this is the first time she had to file for unemployment in more than 25 years and claims the process is challenging.

She reached out to 48 News because after weeks of trying to speak with someone from the Department of Labor over the phone, she feels helpless.

“It's really frustrating! I've been without money. I mean I got my last paycheck from my job, I did have a week hold, so I did get that. If it wasn't for the stimulus check that came through, I don't know what I would do. I would have to depend on my family and my church family,” Holland told us over the phone.

“We continue to work on a daily basis to improve the systems to make them more efficient and to streamline payments,” said Alabama Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington. “We hear the complaints and take them seriously. ADOL is working around the clock to ensure that everyone who is entitled to these funds receives them. Even though we’ve made payments to 84% of those who have filed, we know there are many still waiting, and you have not been forgotten.”

Those looking to track their claims can do so here, or find other information including a section on frequently asked questions.

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