Athens Youth Commission still getting grants to community

Athens Youth Commission still getting grants to community

ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - Athens teens are showing that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t hindering them from fulfilling their duties.

Members of the Athens Youth Commission were able to make sure they could administer grants to their community, thanks to the help of technology.

Every year, the commission decides what area nonprofits and organizations will receive grants.

Youth commissioners were able to do that without meeting in person by using an online survey system.

City leaders say they’re especially proud of one of the decisions the commission made to help their community.

“They had set aside $500 to give to a graduating member of the youth commission. But in order to fund more of these programs, they dropped it to $300 so they could give a little bit of money to some of the others. So they’re very selfless, they love this community, and we love to see them take ownership in our community,” said city spokeswoman Holly Hollman.

One of the projects the commission approved will give money to the Athens Limestone Hospital foundation to buy infant car seats for families who can’t afford them.

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