Lowe Mill businesses reopen, but still struggle

Lowe Mill businesses reopen, but still struggle

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - On a normal day, Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment creative artist are busy selling their artwork to customers.

Due to COVID-19, artist and owner of Artimaps David Nuttall has lost out on a lot of money after being forced to close his doors.

“We were supposed to be in san Francisco the past couple of weeks and that was over a thousand dollars I would have been paid," says Nuttall. "We haven’t sold any prints so that’s a few hundred a week.”

Retail stores are currently able to operate at 50 percent capacity, and you need to obey social distancing guidelines and stay 6 feet apart from each other.

The owner of Mountain Valley Pizzeria and Bakery, Chris Acklen faced similar challenges, but he was able to make money during the pandemic thanks to online orders.

“The online sales will make it easier for people to feel safe and secure in their transactions, they can pay things ahead of time, we can run their food out to them,” says Acklen.

Although Nuttall doesn't have a business classified as essential, he says he'll use the Pizzeria's model and sell his art online.

Although his doors are open, the goal is to make money while there's no lines inside his store.

“Artists are generally a pretty resilient bunch” says Nuttall. “We are not the best paid people in the city anyway, so we are used to having to budget and be careful of how we spend our time and money.”

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