Moulton’s downtown mural coming along nicely

Moulton’s downtown mural coming along nicely
Volunteers, Brittany Alred and Monica Hooper, continue painting along a Court Street mural started by the Moulton Lions Club last week. Alred said the mural may take several weeks to complete, but residents and visitors to the Moulton Square may enjoy seeing the artwork come together as volunteers take time to add to the mural little by little until it is completed. (Source: Moulton Advertiser)

MOULTON, Ala. (WAFF) - Volunteers in Moulton have been hard at work, painting a new mural downtown during the COVID 19 lockdown.

The mural is on a fence erected at the site of last year’s devastating downtown fire. The one year anniversary of that fire just passed, inspiring local artists to get to work.

According to the Moulton Lions Club - there’s no real end date to the process. It’s designed to be a continually evolving, interactive art project. One of the organizers, Coty Alred, painted the motto “Be the difference in your community” on the fence two weeks ago, and it’s been a work in progress ever since.

His wife, Brittany Alred, who also owns Court Street Creations in downtown Moulton, laughed as she said she was volunteered for the project by her husband. She spoke about the project with our news partners at the Moulton Advertiser.

“After the story came out in the paper last week, Monica (Hooper) saw where Coty had shared it on Facebook, she asked how she could get involved, and ideas kept growing from there,” Alred explained as she discussed other ideas for the mural downtown.

Monica Hooper, the owner of Monica’s Auto Detail Shop in Moulton, said she saw the mural going up and wanted to be a part of the progress. “(The fire) was devastating to downtown Moulton. It even affected my business, you know,” said Hooper. “Things were going pretty well until the fire happened. They put the wall up, and it just stopped progress. The city has struggled, but we want to promote positivity and increase traffic to this area again.”

To learn more, pick up a copy of this week’s Moulton Advertiser, or check out the full story on the Moulton Advertiser’s website.

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