‘Afraid to go home’: Temporary safe haven opens for female first responders

Published: Apr. 20, 2020 at 10:24 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Imagine being so afraid to go home after work out of fear you will spread coronavirus to your loves ones. That’s reality for some first responders. Now, two Huntsville-based organizations have opened a home special for female front line workers.

Strong Tower, a Huntsville Dream Center ministry, teamed up with Recentered to open the home. Recentered owns the property while Strong Tower facilitates the services.

“The house was actually designed for women in crisis," explained Kristi Haley, Director of Strong Tower ministries. "Even though these nurses themselves are not in crisis situations, this is a crisis situation so it was just a really neat opportunity.”

Anna Mitchell is a Huntsville-based nurse who is temporarily staying in the home. Her son has “multiple heart defects and lung issues.”

“I never knew there was something out there like this. I was just looking for a hotel or a studio or something that I can rent for a decent amount of money, but to have something like this offered is just incredible," explained Mitchell.

The organizations are looking for other female first responders who may need this safe haven.

The five-bedroom home is a transitional home designed for battered women and pregnant young ladies that have found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy with no where to go. Eventually, they plan to open up space for single mothers.

Recentered is local nonprofit reaching out to young adults in need of hope, encouragement, assistance and leadership.

Staying at the home is free. If you would like to donate, visit their website.

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