Are certain groups left out of stimulus help? Some would say yes!

Are certain groups left out of stimulus help? Some would say yes!

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Certain groups of people may just be out of luck when it comes to the stimulus check. A Madison County family and thousands of others will get some stimulus money, just not what they feel they were promised.

“It looks like a whole section of the disability community has been forgotten,” said Sharon Howarth.

Howarth’s autistic son, 21, is her sole dependent. She believes she should’ve received something for her son because he is disabled.

“He is like a child in a sense. Not in his maturity but in terms of his dependency. We feed, we clothe him, we take care of him. We do everything we can for him," explained Howarth.

Under the CARES act, if you have a dependent under 17, you should receive $500 per child. Howarth’s son is 21.

The IRS tweeted Thursday, individuals who recieve SSI would get a stimulus check.

Howarth’s son does not receive SSI or any government assistance for his disability. The low-income family opted out of filing for disability. They wanted to introduce him to the workforce and try to help him live a “normal” life as best he can, explained Howarth.

Her son does not work. Right now, he is working to complete his high school classes to receive a diploma.

WAFF 48 News reached out to local leader and the IRS to find out if there are provisions that address this case. We have not heard back.

Howarth feels because they are not receiving SSI, they’ve been overlooked.

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