Alabama COVID-19 survivor speaks out, shares message of hope

Alabama COVID-19 survivor speaks out, shares message of hope

HAMILTON, Ala. (WAFF) - Thousands of people have died from the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, but there are also thousands recovering. In the midst of those sad headlines, an Alabama man wanted to share his story of recovery.

Jeffery Halcomb, 55, was healthy two weeks ago. Tuesday, April 7, he began to feel sick and by Friday he was admitted into the hospital.

For many people accessing a COVID-19 test has been an issue. For Halcolmb, his doctor instructed him to stay home until they could find him testing. He was tested on Wednesday in Mississippi and received a positive result Saturday while in the hospital.

“Friday, I was in pretty bad shape. Saturday, I wasn’t pretty good either. Sunday, things started going in the other direction," said Halcolmb.

Easter Sunday he saw things turn around. His temperature dropped and breathing returned to normal.

“I told my preacher that morning that I felt like worshipping that day. God was blessing me and we had so much to be proud of. I felt the change. I felt the turn, and I think I’ve been better ever since," stated Halcolmb.

Once the Hamilton, Alabama resident gets home, he has a few more days of isolation and medication -- nothing, he says, compared to the battle he once faced.

“The nurses and doctors have been absolutely extraordinary -- sticking their necks out and taking care of me with a smile and encouragement that’s just unbelievable," stated Halcolmb.

Halcolmb says doctors treated him with a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, the drug supported by President Trump, and an antibiotic. He credits that to his recovery.

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