EF2 tornado rips through Boaz; community helps cleanup

EF2 tornado rips through Boaz; community helps cleanup

BOAZ, Ala. (WAFF) - A powerful twister tore through several Boaz neighborhoods Sunday evening. Trees are toppled, roofs are ripped apart and power lines litter the street.

Dozens offered a helping hand Monday.

Power crews from Albertville and Guntersville worked to restore service.

The strong EF2 tornado moved homes from their foundation and uprooted trees and lives.

Josie Rogers lives off Main Street near Pleasant Hill Road. She mistakenly thought a train was moving behind her home not a tornado.

Her shed in the backyard was moved off of its foundation. Fortunately, her home still stands but has significant roof damage.

“It’s surreal but we keep saying that it could be worse," said Rogers.

Jeff Owen lives around the corner. He calls himself lucky since the trees on his property fell away from his home.

“Oh, shoot. We were very fortunate. We have a place to live. I feel sorry for those who don’t," said Owen.

Destry Cornelius lives on Coosa Road. His home was lifted off its foundation with his entire family inside.

“Our house moved forward where the back of my house is now on my front porch step," described Cornelius. “You know that your life could end very quickly.”

According to a Boaz city councilman, no one was severely injured or killed.

Cleanup will take weeks.

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