Trash Pandas want to read to kids virtually

Trash Pandas want to read to kids virtually

MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - Who didn't enjoy a good kids story back in the day? Why can't parents enjoy those yet again, with a slight twist courtesy of the Rocket City Trash Pandas?

Gather around kids. The Trash Pandas want to read your kids some kids books!

“You see breweries making hand sanitizer, you see car companies making ventilators, we obviously don’t have the medical capabilities to do any of that, so what can we do?” Rocket City Trash Pandas promotions manager Ricky Fernandez said. “We don’t have any players, we don’t have any fans, how can we still entertaining all these people that have supported us over the last few years? Social media is the way to go, and a lot of parents with kids at homes right now that wouldn’t mind five minutes of freedom. if we can help with that, we’re here to do that.”

The response has been great so far.

" It's going over well. A lot of people are cooped up, and kinda looking for something to kinda take them away, from maybe the everyday stress. I think it's going well, I haven't seen any negatives. it's the internet, and you know when there's some negatives, so It' s gotta be going well."

The Trash Pandas will be doing these videos over the coming weeks along with other video features, to take families minds off the day to day of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We just filmed a bunch of videos the other day, it’s gonna be something,” Ferenadez added. “So check out our social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook TikTok, we’re all over the place, so check us out we got a lot up our sleeves and we’re gonna keep entertaining until we get back on that diamond.”

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