Staying active outdoors during the coronavirus pandemic

Staying active outdoors

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - With so many businesses and activities coming to a halt during Governor Ivey’s stay at home order many people are looking for activities they still can do.

The order says you are only allowed to leave your home for “essential activities.” One of those essential activities is outdoor activities with less than 10 people, where you can keep six feet of distance from another person.

Still, this shuts down almost every team sport, except for a few, like fishing.

“The actual water itself out here is 105 acres, so there is plenty of room,” said Cole Coultas a Manager Madison County Lake. “There is almost 200 acres of land that’s around it and fishing is one of those sports that people don’t really try and crowd in on each other anyway, so really it’s the perfect set up for something to do right now.”

Coultas said in the past few weeks they have been busier than normal.

“You can notice an increase in people, there are definitely some new people coming out,” he said.

Coultas said they are asking everyone who comes to the lake to respect a few rules so they can stay open.

“We’re working out of the window, telling people when you're out here keep a six foot distance from everybody, no groups larger than 10 and just trying to make sure everybody doesn’t bunch up,” Coultas said.

He said, so far, they have not had any problems with any of their fisherman at the lake.

Coultas said they have had a lot of questions about if they will be open and people are always very happy to hear that they are staying open during the stay-at-home order.

Madison County Lake will be open everyday, except for Wednesday, sunup to sun down.

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