Cade Smith’s road to recovery from COVID-19

Updated: Apr. 7, 2020 at 6:02 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - He didn’t feel well, diagnosed with COVID-19, and now almost recovered. UAH volleyball and newly named athletics director Dr. Cade Smith is happy to be close to 100 percent.

“If I had to mow and weed eat on the same day, that would take me out right now,” Smith said smiling. “So, I’m spreading those out over a couple of days. But feeling good, appetite is back, so everything is much, much better than the last time we talked.”

Smith was diagnosed March 18 and battled through COVID-19 symptoms.

"For me when the dry cough started, that was a tough time, probably day seven was my worse day," Smith added. "That was the day that I really couldn't get out of bed, eat anything, or drink anything, and my cough was the worse. I never really had shortness of breath, but what I had I could control my breath, I wouldn't cough. So, trying not to take a really deep breath that would cause me to do that. So, I probably got really dehydrated during that time. That was, kinda, the low point, and just in bed for awhile."

Smith, currently happy to be able to tell his story of recovery, being fortunate enough to do so.

“I’m now ten or twelve days removed from that now, so that’s kinda where we are now.”

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