Madison Chamber of Commerce getting creative to help local restaurants

Getting creative to support local restaurants

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - As restaurants across the country fall on tough times, communities are coming up with creative ways to support their local eateries. Here in the Tennessee Valley, the Madison Chamber of Commerce is planning virtual get-togethers to help out their restaurants.

It’s been a few weeks now and many people are missing going out to eat and seeing other people out and about like we used to.

The Madison Chamber of Commerce is trying to fill that void, Executive Director Shannon Neblett said they’re planning on hosting some virtual get-togethers where folks are encouraged to have their favorite local food delivered or pick it up curbside.

Then the chamber will put out a link to a Zoom call, which is a group video chat app. This way people can hangout and enjoy their food with others.

“You may see some people you know, you may meet new people and it certainly will allow a little networking for people," Neblett said. "They may find out that this great family lives right in their neighborhood that they never knew. It provides face-to-face time for people while we can’t actually get out and see people.”

Neblett said this helps businesses stay in business and helps people get needed social interaction.

“These local businesses depend on the community to keep them going and without community support they may end up closing their doors," Neblett said. “There are a lot of them that are already having to let individuals go and they need those jobs.”

Neblett said they’ll be hosting a virtual “Girlfriends Lunch” on April 9, a “Family Night” on April 10 and a “Community Coffee” on April 15. For each of these events Neblett is hoping people will order from their favorite restaurant and enjoy that food with their neighbors.

“People need people, that’s all there is to it," she said. "While you’re locked up in your house it’s at least nice to be able to connect with other people face-to-face.”

Neblett said everyone is welcome, you don’t have to from Madison to join in. She just hopes this gives an extra boost to local restaurants and helps people connect during this hard time.

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