Levi Randolph deals with the new normal during COVID-19

Levi Randolph deals with the new normal

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Many professional and college sports have changed their 2020 schedules. This not only has an impact on fans, but the impact is felt by the players as well.

Levi Randolph finds a new daily routine
Levi Randolph finds a new daily routine (Source: WAFF)

North Alabama native and professional basketball player Levi Randolph like many others have had to change his daily routine due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Levi plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers organization in the NBA’s G League.

"When we first heard about we really didn't think it could happen," Randolph said. "We didn't think it could happen at the magnitude. There's been lockouts and things like that before, but to have the season all of a sudden be done, It was hard to imagine."

Even with the NBA suspending their season due to the Pandemic, the organization has been helpful with giving players routines to make things as normal as they can be.

"They've been sending at home workouts for us, and keeping us up to date on the regimen we were doing while we were there. Each week they send us a different schedule of we need to be doing, or what we could do. We've been doing this for so long, guys kinda have their own routine so we know how to keep ourselves in shape."

It's tough for everyone right now, but getting out and breathing some fresh air is something we can all do daily.

“For me the big thing is like I keep saying is get a schedule,” Randolph explained. “Try not to get complacent, sit in the house watching Netflix, try to get out. You don’t have to leave your front yard, get outside and do something, gets some fresh air.”

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