Former UAH athlete lends helping hand during pandemic

Former UAH softball player faces off against COVID-19

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Krystal Johnson is facing one of the biggest challenges of her life.

The former UAH softball player accomplished much on the field, but now Johnson is a traveling nurse in New York facing off against COVID-19.

Krystal Johnson is a traveling nurse in New York
Krystal Johnson is a traveling nurse in New York (Source: WAFF)

"I did not expect this," Johnson said. "I honestly couldn't even imagine."

"Everyone I work with is so amazing. We're like each other's rocks."

Johnson played for UAH from 2010-2011 and was an All-American for the Chargers. Now her job is to try and help those in need in a ICU unit in New York.

" We're working twelve hours alongside each other, and we're family at this point, we're just family," Johnson said.

"So we wear all of the N 95 masks and protective equipment to keep re sanitizing everything because we don't have enough."

Krystal has tried to keep a positive outlook. She, along with other colleagues have posted photos on social media to keep spirits up during these unspeakable times.

She’s been part of a team in for the Chargers, and now she is part of a bigger team. A team trying to keep our communities around the country healthy.

“We go into work, and people are cheering from their apartment buildings,” Johnson added. “That just give you chills, and it’s awesome, and literally coming from softball, I’m like Yeah! It makes you pumped to go in, pumped to go out. It just makes you feel so good and makes you love what you do even more. like I said, we choose to do this, we choose to go and it’s not that we’re made to do this, but we choose to.”

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