Athens girl creates news show to stay social during pandemic

Athens girl creates news show to stay social during pandemic

ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - Amid all the virus-related doom and gloom, an Athens girl decided to start her own newscast.

"Everybody’s sick, and sad. I just wanted to give them something to make them happy,” said Emma Bentley.

Emma goes to Lindsay Lane Christian Academy. She’s in the second grade and says she misses school. Her parents, Brandon and Katie, say she’s a very social 8-year-old.

Her kitchen is her studio. Her mom’s Facebook page and YouTube is her platform.

"I'm famous on YouTube," Emma said, striking a pose.

“She’s the best at being humble,” her dad said laughingly. “I think it’s given a lot of people a lot of joy in a time where they’re just stressed out or bored, really.”

"She does traffic reports, like, ‘There was a pile-up on the way to the refrigerator,’ that kind of thing,” Katie said.

Emma’s latest broadcast informed viewers. She went outside, went on a walk, saved two earthworms and got to eat ice cream.

"Before we write down the script,” Brandon said, “In, I guess you would say, a production meeting, we decide the highlights that we want to touch on, and then we go from there, right?”

“Right,” Emma confirmed.

She also picks a word and joke of the day. Friday’s word was “doohickey.”

Emma signs off every broadcast with the same words.

“Bye, wash your hands!”

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