Rights & protections for employees during COVID-19

Workers' rights during pandemic

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Right now, a lot of you are getting up, getting ready for work and scared.

(Source: CBS News)

Scared that you’re being put at risk of contracting corona for a job that isn’t necessarily essential right now. So what happens if you just say you don’t feel safe and stay home?

Attorney Will League says that since Alabama is an “at will” state, you’re risking your job by doing that.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your boss to work things out.

Right now, we can tell you about only a few safeguards in place.

The senate relief bill passed Wednesday night will increase unemployment benefits to a maximum of $600 per week.

That’s more than double the current limit.

If you’re showing symptoms and medically forced to stay home, or if you’re caring for someone who’s sick, you qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act. That guarantees you at least ten paid days off, but possibly up to 10 weeks.

League says the CDC can’t force businesses to maintain social distancing.

“I’ve heard some that are social distancing, some who are working in shifts and some who are working business as usual. And if you’re one of the latter categories. I would suggest go to your HR, explain your concerns and see if that could be remedied that way. Again you’re not forced to stay there but at the same time your employer does not have to keep your job open,” he said.

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