Madison county officials update latest on COVID-19 on Wednesday

Huntsville COVID-19 Update

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville and Madison county leaders an update on the latest COVID-19 news on Wednesday.

EMA Director Jeff Birdwell confirmed Madison County remained at 21 cases of COVID-19 after the latest Alabama Department of Public Health Update.

David Spillers of Huntsville Hospital seemed comfortable with the testing and results he had seen so far in Madison county.

“At this point, the numbers are still manageable in Alabama” said Spillers. “I apologize if our numbers don’t always add up but the information is always changing.”

“We received more information on tests performed in north Alabama. Over 200 tests were reviewed in recent days and over 1,000 tests have been performed since the pandemic started.”

“Test results are taking time. Labs last week were overwhelmed with volume.”

“Our flu and fever clinic is seeing over 200 patients every day. Drive thru testing is still up and operational as well. We also have a mobile clinic that is rolling to multiple locations over the coming days especially for those with limited access to other testing facilities.”

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong is optimistic about how things have been handled so far.

“We’ve got the right people at the right place at the right time to best battle this situation” said Strong.

“Our critical services are still operating.”

“The Madison county courthouse has limited their staff but they are still taking care of and serving our residents.”

Strong encouraged residents to visit for more information on government services during this time.

“Closing the Madison County Courthouse was a necessary step in keeping our residents safe and healthy.”

Elizabeth Garcia of the North Alabama Better Business Bureau spoke last during the update.

“We are here to alert residents of coronavirus relief scams” said Garcia.

The BBB knows of many scams but the most common currently deals with receiving “a government check.”

“They’re doing this in order to steal your identity.”

“People are also going door-to-door offering to deliver groceries and prescriptions. Try to stick to trusted friends and relatives so that you are not letting strangers into your homes.”

“Do not buy coronavirus home testing kits if someone tries to sell one door-to-door.”

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