Cleanup begins in northeast Mississippi after Tuesday’s tornado

Cleanup begins in northeast Mississippi after Tuesday’s tornado

TISHOMINGO, Miss. (WAFF) - A tornado hit Tishomingo, Mississippi Tuesday.

“You see it in the news, you read about it in the newspaper, but never have I seen anything like this here,” said a visibly upset Jeff Daniel.

This is the new painful reality for Jeff Daniel and his family. His garage, which has been serving the Tishomingo community for more than 50 years, destroyed in Tuesday’s storms. “Something told me it was our time, and as you can see it was.” He’s lived here his entire life and said it’s the first time he’s experienced such a powerful and dangerous storm. “Couldn’t see anything on the ground. You could see the clouds swirling. We shut the door and locked it and went to the center of the house.”

Tuesday a tornado touched down in Northeast Mississippi and quickly moved East along Highway 30 in Alabama. “As fast as we hunkered down it was over. It was that quick.”

A mile away, Bobby Page also saw damage. The home he and his father built when he was just 12 years old, narrowly escaped Mother Nature's wrath. “All the tin is off the back of the house. There is not a piece up there. It’s mostly in the trees up the hill.”

Across town trees are down. Power is still out. The Dollar General leveled. But through it all it's another classic tale of neighbors helping neighbors. This community knowing they will get through this, together.

“Small town but they are really coming through in helping their neighbors right now,” said Duane Burcham a local pastor.

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