Huntsville Police working differently amid coronavirus concerns

HPD working differently with coronavirus

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Police officers are essential personnel so Huntsville Police Department will continue to work through the epidemic.

Lt. Michael Johnson with HPD said officers are working differently right now. He said there is more communication between dispatch and officers about what they might run into a sick person or go into a person’s home on a call.

Johnson said all officers have the option to wear a mask or gloves while working.

“These things are handy but its not necessarily something they’re wearing their entire shift,” Johnson said.

Johnson added he is very happy with how the people in Huntsville have been following the directions from local and state leaders.

“We have not seen a lot of problems that other police departments are having in bigger cities in this country so we would like to commend the citizens of Huntsville for that," he said.

Johnson said if you do see anyone violating the crowd size rule of no more than 25 people you are encouraged to call it in.

“Call us if you factually have seen or know about situations that could jeopardize the mission that we have on protecting our community," Johnson said. "If you actually see it we do welcome those phone calls and if we have to and it comes to that we will use that enforcement tool.”

Johnson said if the situation progresses farther in Huntsville, like it has in New York or California, then he is confident in the people of Huntsville.

"Moving forward we feel as we need cooperation, if this thing does progress, we are confident and feel the citizens of Huntsville will pull together,” Johnson said.

In some good news, Johnson said they have seen a slight decrease in usual felony activity since the epidemic began.

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