Huntsville bar and distillery now producing hand sanitizer

Huntsville bar and distillery now producing hand sanitizer

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Several Tennessee Valley businesses are making changes, in hopes of keeping their doors open during the challenging economy. A local bar and distillery is now producing hand sanitizer.

As of Monday, Yellowhammer Brewing in Huntsville is no longer producing and distilling alcoholic beverages.

They’ve temporarily suspended that operation, and they are now making hand sanitizer.

“The processes are pretty similar to what we were doing before so it wasn’t a difficult swap,” said Yellowhammer General Manager Ethan Couch.

The process to make the hand sanitizer started at 4 in the morning.

They already have the machines they need to change their business model. Thanks to the demand for cleaning supplies, they don’t have to cut their number of employees or reduce their hours.

“It’s an easy decision for us to keep our team employed as our taproom and sales have gone down,” said Couch.

Local non-profit organizations, first responders, and medical companies will also benefit by not needing to worry about running out of hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been fortunate to get some corporate sponsors from Torch and Freedom Real Estate. We’ll give some of this product to non-profits, healthcare organizations like the Red Cross, and a discounted price to other medical uses in the community,” said Couch.

“This company really stepping up and stepping forward is another example of what a great community we live in. We are really pleased to receive this from them as we move forward we are definitely heading into a challenging time,” said Huntsville Police Lt. Michael Johnson.

The general manager of Yellowhammer Brewing says he hopes to have 120 gallons of hand sanitizer ready to be distributed by Friday.

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