Dread River Distillery making hand sanitizer for those in need

Dread River Distillery makes hand sanitizer for those in need
Dread River Distillery makes hand sanitizer for those in need(WBRC)
Updated: Mar. 19, 2020 at 8:19 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Instead of filling bottles up with vodka or gin, Dread River Distillery is now filling up plastic bottles with alcohol, but the kind you can't drink.

Distilleries across the nation, like Dread River, are using part of their alcohol to make hand sanitizer for those in need.

How is it done? Through their distillation process, they make two cuts of alcohol. A heads cut and a tails cut. The heads cut is a high proof alcohol that’s not suitable for consumption and that’s what they’re using to make sanitizer after they dilute it down with water. The CDC recommends using alcohol more than 60 percent when making hand sanitizer.

"Too high proof alcohol is not good for killing germs so we dilute it a little bit. The sanitizer we're using is 70% and that's a good compromise in terms of what we can do to create a product to sanitize and disinfect," said Dread River Co-Founder John Cubelic.

Dread River Distillery delivered dozens of hand sanitizer bottles to Andrews Sports Medicine Thursday, who called and said they were running low and couldn’t find any due to the high demand.

Cubelic said their main focus is helping those in the medical field and first responders, but they could use our help. “The hardest part for us right now is finding bottles to put the hand sanitizer in. If anyone knows anyone, have them reach out to us so we can continue to help the community,” Cubelic added.

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