Huntsville Hospital working to open more drive-thru clinics in Madison County

Huntsville Hospital working to open more drive-thru clinics in Madison County

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville Hospital hopes to open multiple drive through clinics in Madison County in the coming days. But people will still need a doctor referral or show symptoms to receive a test.

Like other hospitals across the globe, Huntsville Hospital Health Systems has gone through similar situations for past outbreaks. “You can’t hardly prepare for tornadoes, that’s after the fact. You can see a hurricane coming and prepare for that and what to expect. This is all new,” said Chief Executive Officer David Spillers. He said the COVID-19 pandemic is different. “I was here when we went through H1N1 and it was very different. We did not do what we are doing now for H1N1.”

Since Huntsville Hospital began testing for COVID-19, 200 people have been tested. Only two outpatient tests came back positive; the one case in Madison County and the one case in Limestone County. “We have zero patients in the hospital with COVID-19. We have yet to have a single inpatient with COVID-19 in any of our facilities.”

The tests are still being sent out to Montgomery. Huntsville Hospital is currently in the process of teaming up with a local company for faster results. Spillers said the hospital is prepared for things to get worse. “I pray every night that we don’t get there.”

In a press conference WAFF News Reporter Kate Smith asked if Spillers felt prepared and if Huntsville Hospital had enough supplies.

Spillers replied, “Today we do. Depending on how long it last and how many people need hospitalization it could impact our utilization rates. If that happens, we may have a point where we don’t have enough.”

There are 164 pending tests from Huntsville Hospital.

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