HudsonAlpha researchers announce coronavirus test that gives same day results

HudsonAlpha researchers announce coronavirus test that gives same day results

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The number of novel coronavirus cases is expected to go up, but Huntsville researchers hope to curb it with quicker results.

Tuesday, research lab Diatherix Eurofins began accepting specimens for its newly developed coronavirus test. It gives same day results, and also tests for bacteria that could compound issues with a positive diagnosis.

The lab is based inside the HudsonAlpha Research institute. Diatherix president Jennifer Cart said during a traditional flu season, the lab is capable of completing roughly 1,000 tests a day.

She said she expects the demands of the coronavirus to be higher.

“I would like to say we don’t feel pressure, but we do, because we want to perform to the highest level possible,” she said.

She said the company has expanded its space and workforce to meet the demands. She declined to say how many specimens the lab had so far received.

Cart said Diatherix traditionally receives specimens from primary doctors, hospitals and clinics throughout the U.S..

She said the lab is prepared for the long haul.

“We’re ready for the long term, because this is what we do. We’ve always done this," she said.

The doctors who submit specimens are required to complete paperwork beforehand.

Individuals concerned about potential coronavirus symptoms should not go to the lab.

The CDC recommends reaching out to a primary care health professional before going to a doctor or clinic. This will allow them to ask you questions about your symptoms and prepare to protect the staff from possible infection.

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