Restaurants in Decatur face employee shortage due to coronavirus

Restaurants in Decatur face employee shortage due to coronavirus
Dishwashers needed at Josie's and Simp McGhee restaurants (Source: waff)

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Simp McGhee’s restaurant in Decatur posted on Facebook they need help finding employees.

They depend on inmate labor, which has been temporarily cut out due to state protocols related to COVID-19.

John Wheat is the manager at Josie’s restaurant in Decatur.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, his staff has decreased after the state stopped work release inmates from working at his businesses.

"We are not a big chain restaurant, typically the chain restaurants can pull from their other locations and other communities around the country. When you are a local business you are on your own,” said Wheat.

As a result, they’ve lost 3 workers at Josie’s and their other restaurant Simp McGhee’s.

Manager Rebecca Moore is now washing dishes.

Now she’s also in desperate need for new employees to ease the workload.

"We actually have to have the dishwashers and it takes two probably now it will only take one during this time, but we use two because it’s so busy. But we have to have a dishwasher to wash those plates, and we have to have a dishwasher to get everything sanitized for service,” said Moore.

On a positive note, Wheat said as of now, they’re still seeing the same amount of customers.

"What keeps us going is determination, hard work, taking care of our customers, making them feel at home and making them feel like their local place is theirs,” said Wheat.

If you would like to apply for a job you can contact the restaurant at 256-353-6284.

EDITOR’S NOTE: WAFF originally reported the restaurant was looking for volunteers. We have corrected the report to state the restaurant is looking to hire employees.

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