Officials recommend people stay 6 feet away while grocery shopping

Officials recommend people stay 6 feet away while grocery shopping

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Grocery stores across the country are modifying store hours for additional deep cleanings throughout the day. Grocery industry leaders and the Trump Administration said the food supply chain is strong despite concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

Alabama state health officer Dr. Scott Harris said keep in mind the recommendation of staying at least six feet apart from each other, even while grocery shopping.

Some stores are limiting purchases of hand sanitizers, toilet paper and other high-demand products. However, federal government officials said stores will stay open and stocked.

According to Harris, people should have enough household items and groceries on hand to be prepared to stay at home for a period but there is no need to go to the extreme. “Be prepared but there is no advantage of being over-prepared. There is no shortage of food. There is no shortage other than temporarily of paper products as we all know about. But we have no concerns or issues that people won’t be able to access food if they need it.”

If you are on prescribed medications, the CDC advises you to call your healthcare provider and ask about getting extra medications to have on hand just in case. Also, it’s important to have over-the-counter medicines to treat fever and other symptoms.

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