Madison Co. Courthouse closes over virus concerns; license director reminds of online services

Madison County Courthouse Closes

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Madison county courthouse is closed, effective Sunday night. This includes courtrooms, the sheriff’s records office, pistol permits and the license office.

(Source: WAFF)

There are other license offices throughout the county. Mark Craig, the license director for Madison County, tells us that as of last week, there wasn't a significant drop in people coming in, but that may be different now.

Right now the CDC is encouraging everyone to practice social distancing.

Which of course also means avoiding large crowds and busy public places like driver’s license offices. State officials are modifying hours at the driver’s license offices during this state of emergency.

They’re urging you to reach out and call your local office to confirm the hours before you come in. But Craig says the best thing you can do is take care of as much as you can online.

“For those who are hesitant right now with the virus going around that want to not come into contact with as many people we just urge them to do their business by online or by mail,” Craig said.

Craig says if you can’t remember your tag renewal code you can call or email them as well.

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