Kitchen Cops: Nobody’s home at the meat market & a spicy score at Popeye’s

This week's Kitchen Cops

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Madison County Kitchen Cops scores for the first week of March are in, and some big names at at the bottom of the score sheet.

The lowest score this week belongs to the Popeye’s on North Memorial Parkway in Huntsville. It earned a 69 due to multiple critical violations. There were dirty dishes stored with clean ones, broken lids on storage pans, dirty soda and tea nozzles, missing sanitizer in the sinks, flies in the washing area and raw chicken parts on the ground by the back door.

Meanwhile, when the Kitchen Cops went to visit La Frontera Meat Market on Jordan Lane, they ran into a unique problem: customers were there, but there wasn’t a single employee in sight. The report says a worker eventually showed up, but they were missing safety certification paperwork. There were also roaches found in the kitchen and waste water spilling onto the floor in the kitchen. La Frontera scores an 80.

On Clinton Avenue, the Rock & Roll Sushi is hit with a 75 score. The inspectors found glass cleaner stored over deli paper, no time stamps on foods, and food temperature issues.

Another sushi restaurant is in the same score zone - the Fuji Japanese Cuisine on Winchester Road. It scores a 76 because of paper towels out of reach, an employee using the sushi bar sink to wash a wiping cloth and a butane torch stored improperly.

The Chili’s on Highway 72 in Madison gets a 79 due to a dirty can opener, problems with the hot water and a dirty ice chute.

In Jackson County, the lowest score belongs to the D&P Mini Mart on Ridgedale Road in Scottsboro. It only had one major violation - missing food safety certifications - but there were enough minor violations to drag its score down to 84.

There were also certification issues at the Western Sizzlin on Highway 72 in Scottsboro, bringing it’s score down to 91.

The Lodge on Gorham’s Bluff in Pisgah also gets an 84, but it’s violations weren’t passed on to us by inspectors.

In Morgan County, the Payless gas minimart on 6th Avenue Northeast gets an 84 due to hot dogs at the wrong temperature and missing hand towels in the rest room.

The Southern Style BBQ on West Moulton Street in Decatur scores an 86 because of raw meat being stored over ready-to-eat foods in the kitchen.

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