Dry but breezy day ahead of a stellar weekend

Friday 4:45 a.m. forecast

Happy Friday! We finally have a sunny morning out there but get ready for a breezy day!

Skies are clear this morning as temperatures low to mid 40s, even a few upper 30s, across much of the Valley. Overnight wind turned to the northwest and began to pick up. Where there is lighter wind we are seeing some patchy fog, but overall that is confined to northeast Alabama. We expect a breezy northwest wind today sustained around 15 to 20 mph with gusts of 25 mph or stronger possible as well. That northwest breeze will keep temperatures around 10-degrees cooler than normal into the low to mid 50s. It should be a great afternoon with nothing but sunshine!

Overnight tonight will be chilly as many spots will fall below freezing. Much of the Valley will be right around 30-degrees with a few spots dipping into the upper 20s. With calm winds, clear skies, and cold temps there will likely be some frost Saturday morning. The rest of the day Saturday looks perfect with temperatures into the mid to upper 50s and plenty of sunshine. Sun continues into Sunday with even more warmth. Highs Sunday will be into the mid-60s! Don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour Saturday night before bed as we start Daylight Saving Time Sunday morning!

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